Birds Piled Loosely Welcomes “Bargains” for its New Year Issue

Birds Piled Loosely

Birds Piled Loosely Press does not take responsibility for any sparrows missing from your neighborhood. Any crows disappeared may or may not have been the cats. The hummingbirds were probably lured away by the feeders the next street over. The hawks circling overhead perhaps found a better rim of sweating air to slip around. But yes we did take the turkeys from your backyard.BPL

The Indianola Review Issue One, Winter 2015

Issue One of The Indianola Review is out!

 The issue will have nineteen poems by Timothy Duffy, Kate Przybylski, James Cihlar, Amy Jo Swing, Stacey Balkun, Nada Faris, Athena Kildegaard, Courtney Druz, Sarah Ghoshal, Genevieve Payne, Cindy King, Allison Joseph, MK Sukach, Kate Fadick, Carrie Meadows and Elijah Tubbs.

Pushcart Prize nominations:

Courtney Druz – “Kingdom in Foundation”
Elijah Tubbs – “From Our Window”
Athena Kildegaard – “By Sighs”

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Check out the Yellow Chair Review

Yellow Chair Review is a monthly online Literary Arts Publication. While our main love is poetry, we also accept flash fiction, non-fiction, art and reviews. We’re open to any variation of these forms known and unknown. If you’re not sure what category your work falls into, that’s ok. Maybe you’ve created something new.YCR


Somewhere in the table of contents: “The Little Book of Anxieties,” Issue #5.

Coming Soon to a review near (or not near) you…

New Delta Review was gracious enough to accept 3 new poems (yes, mine) for their forthcoming issue. Go to NDR to check out Anders Carlson-Wee’s beautiful poem, “Riding the Owl’s Eye,” which, in part, reminds us just what the hell it is poets do.

We must peer out from inside the owl’s eye.
Watch the coal dust cook in the wind eddies.
Watch it linger. Watch it spiral thinly as it bruises
the blue-faded mind of the buffalo sky.

New poem, “Formaldehyde,” is out in SRPR!

So grateful to be among such a fine collection of poets published in the Winter (39.2) edition of the Spoon River Poetry Review…which arrived on Christmas–so, yeh, bonus. Pick up your copy to read Emma Bolden’s, “It was no more predictable,” winner of the 2014 SRPR Editor’s prize–a fantastic poem. And, of course, because they decided to include a little poem of my own…